16 May 2010

I really hope that...

aww...! i want more of Kuroshitsuji! i wasn't satisfied with the end of this anime. hm... i don't like sad endings! moreover, Ciel's still a child! uh... he should have more future! gaaaahh!!! huh! i'm about to cry once again... *isk2*
Monoshitsuji... is the 2nd season of Kuroshitsuji.
but, what i'm going to say is, it seems boring... Claude (the butler) has a serious looking face! and Alois... huh... i don't like him! a bit kinda childish, i guess? gaaaahhhH!!! i'm mad plus sad!
hm... at a time like this, i was thinking of something really good about Kuroshitsuji. i really hope that it will come true! but, no one will hear my wish...
after watching Kuroshitsuji the Musical, i really hope that there will be a Live-Action of this anime! i want it! T-T I just don't want to miss Ciel and Sebastian so much, or keeps on remembering that they'll never appear anymore. cuz it hurts a lot to keep on thinking something like that and i will keep on crying! (i'm not making this sentences and this is not a lie! T^T)
just like said before, anime has really entered my heart and my mind! wuu... this topic sounds ridiculous huh? don't comment if you hate this topic. I just typing out all of the thoughts that appear in my mind. and this is my feeling.
hm... i should stop. I'm gonna cry once again! wuuu... T.T
gotta watch the musical once again! i wanna laugh! >n<

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Anonymous said...

Alois looks a lot like Oz from Panadora hearts! Except Alois looks way to gay. Lol!(Wearing high heals! He makes me laugh!) If you havn't watched Panadora hearts, you should! Its great!


~Sweet Darkness~ said...

haha! yea! i agree! oh? Pandora Heart... i love to watch it too someday. but maybe now! xDD

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