30 May 2010

Goth: Love of Death

Maybe some of you already know about this movie. i also know about it for along time now. but, i still didn't have a chance to watch it yet! T^T

This movie was so awesome! hehe... there's Hongo Kanata in there~! xD
i love him! everybody loves Hongo Kanata! he's so cute and cool! haha! lol xD
okay, enough talking!

this movie already been shown in cinema on 2008 (but i didn't have the opportunity to watch this movie 'til now!!! T^T)... if anyone out there know where can i found its DVD or VCD, please tell me....!!! In Malaysia pls. if you tell me the store out of this country, i can't reach to it lol. xD

this movie is an adaptation from an award-winning novel by Otsuichi, which had previously been adapted into a popular manga by artist Kendi Oiwa, and which has apparently been optioned for a Hollywood version. (picked some of the info from beyondhollywood.com~ ^^)

 *the movie~~*

*the cover of the manga*

I've already read the manga. it's great! i love the main character, Kamiyama Itsuki! huhu... he's cool! and Takahashi Gen (the director of this live-action movie) is a genius person who had picked Hongo Kanata as Kamiyama! so perfect! xD
yep. i love it! huhu...
*somehow, i really love this picture. it's so beautiful*
for the actor who act as Morino, she's okay. hehe... i'll not gonna go all the way too excited about a girl character though. e_e

whoever haven't read the manga, you should read it.
but, i warn you, there will be organs of human body scattered everywhere and if you're scared of those things, better don't read it.
hahahahahaha! lol.

 that's all for now
~bye bye~

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