21 May 2010


hm... my friend was totally down because of me. hontou ni gomennasai efa-chan... T^T gome!!
she really want her Gundam Seed's CDs back. i promise i will give it to you. just forget about my CDs. it will be really mess if you want to search for it right now.
but, i have read her new post on her blog. i don't quite understand it well but, i really think that she's talking about how damn it was to watch anime online (or are you angry because of me? T^T). moreover if the frame was Megavideo or Veoh. it makes me really angry! Dx
oh!!! if it was Megavideo, i can't watch the video more than 72 mins! and if i want to watch it without time limit, i must pay for premium whatsoever thing it is! Veoh?? Region limits! Hate it so much!!! D:

but what can i do? i have no money to buy those expensive anime DVDs or CDs. even though i do have money, but it's not mine. it's my father's or my mother's money duh. T^T so sad. i wish i have my own money... =_=

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teha said...

bukan awk..internet on9 yg cm bgang tuh..ntah pape. kbnykan gune myspace nyer vied,bad quality and tersekat2..
veoh kte leyh tgk smpai bila2 pn cm mse kte tgk deATH NOTE TUH..
kte dh cri blek kotak2 tuh,tpi..sorri,mmg xdpt nk jmpe and nk cri dlm bilik mak kte,mak kte x bagi...

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