21 May 2010


hm... my friend was totally down because of me. hontou ni gomennasai efa-chan... T^T gome!!
she really want her Gundam Seed's CDs back. i promise i will give it to you. just forget about my CDs. it will be really mess if you want to search for it right now.
but, i have read her new post on her blog. i don't quite understand it well but, i really think that she's talking about how damn it was to watch anime online (or are you angry because of me? T^T). moreover if the frame was Megavideo or Veoh. it makes me really angry! Dx
oh!!! if it was Megavideo, i can't watch the video more than 72 mins! and if i want to watch it without time limit, i must pay for premium whatsoever thing it is! Veoh?? Region limits! Hate it so much!!! D:

but what can i do? i have no money to buy those expensive anime DVDs or CDs. even though i do have money, but it's not mine. it's my father's or my mother's money duh. T^T so sad. i wish i have my own money... =_=

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