17 May 2010

Tenimyu, backstage!!!

hahaha...now i really love to watch a backstage video! jitsu wa, Tenimyu is a title of The Prince Of Tennis (TPOT) the musical. i don't know why they call it as Tenimyu but this video is so funny! have you watch TPOT live-action movie? if you don't, just go and watch it, NOW! haha... i wont force you... To whoever had watch the movie, you'll know that in this musical there's some of the actors from TPOT live-action! maybe not some, almost all of them except Hongo Kanata. maybe it's because of, he doesn't know how to sing? but, most of them, Aiba Hiroki is the one that participate in almost all of the musical show. of course he's playing as Fuji Shuusuke. hm...i love to see when they're playing games at the backstage. they're all cute and funny! just a like a happy family! Hey, do you remember who's the one that playing as Ciel Phantomhive in the Kuroshitsuji the musical?? yea, it's Sakamoto Shougo desu!! and he's in this musical! you can see him appear in the last part of these videos. yep. part 4! ARGH!! okay2! sutoppu!! now, watch the videos!! Adios! Happy Watching! xD

~PART 1~
Seigaku Game! and...Poor Aiba...been bullied by others. Kawaii! xD

~PART 2~
Yuu Shirota as Tezuka! hehe... You're Funny! xD

~PART 3~
Kawaii no Aiba Hiroki desu~~ (=w=)

~PART 4~
Here comes the bocchan desu!!! Clap clap clap! xD

erk! okay, i decided to write this down after the last video. ehem! okay...cool down... i want you to watch the part 4 closely, and tell me, who did you see in the video in between 6:36-6:49? who is that person?! he said, "nya~"!! and who is that??!! if you didn't know who's that person, go and watch Kuroshitsuji The Musical video. watch the backstage! i'm so excited when i recognize who is that person really is! watch watch watch! okay, enough! i'm getting crazy due to the maximum of excitement! xD
jaa ne~~

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Anonymous said...

Love the new look of your blog. It screams "Black butler!" Lols. Love Prince of tennis. its my favorite sport.


~Sweet Darkness~ said...

thanks! ^^ i really love it!

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