28 May 2010

Secret Of Solstice (SoS)!!

I've waited for a long time since i was in form 4 in high school to download this online game! xD
yep, i am addicted to online games!! and this one is almost the same as Ragnarok Online (RO).

I just download this last night...not night but morning. yea, 2a.m! ( once again, i slept really late! xD )
but you know what? it takes almost 5 or 6 hours to complete the download.
i only start playing this game this morning on 9a.m. i guess. o_o
it's long. i know. but, i love this game as how i love Ragnarok.

i don't play RO on online mode, but playing it on offline mode. it's boring i know...but i really wanted to play it! so, i bought a CD ( well, of course not the original one... ). it's a tested server called Sakray.
I've played the game until I've leveled up to become a mage! but... I've told you about what happened to my computer right? my computer's down and crashed and everything's lost!! T^T after that, i can't play RO anymore... sad...

but, just a few days ago I've tried to download the game. i mean, the RO game. but, it's stopped in the middle! not complete!
i don't know why but it always happen! i guess it's the internet fault!
after that, I gave up! Dx
now i'm playing 3 online games. zOMG (Gaia Online), Godswar Online(GO) (igg.com. has another games too.), and SoS (outspark.com also has another games)...

all of them are great! but, i like zOMG and Secret of Solstice more than the GO. and then, zOMG is much better than SoS. ^^

hm... i guess, that's all for today. so sleepy~ @_@
i don't wanna sleep either.
i even haven't eat my breakfast yet! xD
so, bye2!


2 Cassies' Talking:

Anonymous said...

Is the game anygood? I love RO and RO offline!


~Mika Darkness~ said...

hm... i will wrote a full review of this game in the next post. hope that it will help you to know this game better. ^^

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