26 May 2010

Where am I...?

duh... yea, as it says, 'where am i...?'. yea, where am i??
gaaaahhh!!! I'm in the middle of nowhere!!! Dx
i have to get back to work on my work! practice! practice!!!
but i have done nothing! D<
huh... I'm screaming in my heart right now...
can't screams loudly cuz it's midnight right now... huhu...
what am i supposed to do?
sleep? not sleepy yet.
play? what game should i play? (don't think of something else you DUMB!)
eat? nah... I'm not hungry!
anything else? yea, finish off your work, Mika! you're in the middle of nowhere!
yea, that's right...
huh... I guess, this is last entry for today...


2 Cassies' Talking:

Anonymous said...

lol. Cute cat. Maybe you should watch some anime...jk you should do your work.=P


Unknown said...

xDD yep! do my work!!

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