19 May 2010

Mika is a boy???

today is a perfect day for me. just came back from an outing with a friend and also with my mom. so great! we eat at Nando's. the food, is okay. not so good but still okay. i love Kenny Roger's Roaster more than Nando's. haha! xD

during that time, i told her about Seigaku Game on how to play, and what the rules are. but, really, just by talking about the rules won't get anyone understand it. so, Efa, you have to watch the video by yourself. so that you can understand it better. ^^

okay, whoever have read her blog titiled 'promote-promote', yea, that's about me (didn't mean to show off about my blog)... thanks Efa. but, just now, she said that there's someone comment on this topic and say, "hehe... is Mika a boy...? huhu...", i just translate it, of course she said it in Bahasa Malaysia. I say, "what?? T^T"... i ask her, "who is that person (the one who left that comment)?". and she say, "it's ----". Dx

i'm not that sad. just in Malaysia, Mika is a name for guys. not all but, it's majority. but in Japan, Mika is always been used by girls. only some of the guys will use it. whatever it is, Mika is a girl. not a boy. I'm a girl. not a boy. T-T

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Anonymous said...

Lol. Mika sounds like a girl name though...how weird...


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