23 May 2010


Readers: O.O is it Roliana have another series?
Mika: nope. there isn't. that was just a title ok...? it means, post number 2! =_=
Readers: oh.. >.<

hm...i've survey this online community site, but, really, I'm a bit kinda disappointed by it.
if this Gaia Online and Roliana Online was placed side by side, i guess, i'll choose Gaia Online.
i can't seem to like it because, it's boring. the games was lame and old. i was just like, "WTF?? >A<"...

Gaia Online game is the best. 'zOMG' is the title of the game. if you're new to Gaia and don't know whether you want to enter it or not, but in the same time you want to try the game, you can play it as a guess. try the game without joining the site.

but, joining the site is much more better as you can customize your avatar, buy items, join a guild and much more! you can get gold easily by playing games, post a comment on profile, post something in forum, even when you're browsing from pages to another pages, you can get some gold! it's easy!

to Leah, it's better for you to enter Gaia Online. it's much better that Roliana. but, it's up to you to choose which one you want to enter or you don't want to enter. ^^

that's all for today. have any question about Gaia Online? you can ask me.
I will try my best to answer your questions.
...Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu...

*oh, i forgot...er...nvm. i'll write about it in the next post. xD*

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