21 May 2010

!!Roliana Online!!

hahaha!! after Gaia Online and GodsWar Online, I'm now joining ROLIANA ONLINE!
it's almost the same as Gaia Online. but i don't know if it was as great as Gaia Online. xD
i'm so excited to try it right now! kyaaa!! Mika, Ganbarimasu!!

reader: (=_=")
Mika: what??
reader: err... nothing. just that, you dont have to be that excited on those kind of things.
Mika: what if i'm excited? is that a wrong thing to do?
reader: er... (-_-)
Mika: what's wrong? no answer? so i guess, the answer is "it's not a wrong thing!" then. (^w^)
reader: ano...
Mika: haik soudesu! ganbarimasu!! xD
reader: er...haik... (=_='')

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Anonymous said...

Online games rock! Im still waiting for this game called Punch Monster to come out. I like Rpg online games.
Let me know If Roliana is any good. I may join too.


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