15 May 2010


Hye2!! yes!! now i wanted to laugh and laugh and laugh once again!! xD
here you can see Grell and others too. i like the beginning of this backstage video. Sakamoto Shougo is so cute when he's saying, "ne?" haha!
okay, there's two videos. i'm gonna put it at here! haha! i'm so excited! I just love their musical show! in these videos, you can see how perfect is the voice of Uehara who's playing as Grell! he's awesome! and he looks exactly like Grell! hahaha!!

okay, i know that the 2nd video has no subs. but, even without subs, it will make you laugh from the beginning of the video til the end! er... i'm not so sure if you gonna laugh or not. but, these two videos are so funny! in the second video too, you can hear that Agni says, "Ouji baka desu" at Soma! xDD
kyaa!! i just love this team!! don't forget, look at behind Sebastian when he was interviewed! don't forget! xD
Happy Watching!

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Anonymous said...

What cute guys. the gut does fit Grell prefect! Looks bomb in the costume too! Ciel's hair isn't blue =(


~Sweet Darkness~ said...

aww... yea, it's not blue. Sebastian's eyes also isn't red. that makes some of the fans sad... but, their performance are good! so, nobody cares about the small matter so much. ^^ yea, i really love their costumes! mostly, Ciel's. gorgeous!

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