25 May 2010

Practice! Practice! Dx

waaaarghh!!!! so many things to do!!! I didn't edit the page yet and I'm so busy on nothing! Dx

huh... I'm feeling so sick right now... don't have enough energy to do anything except sitting in front of my beloved laptop. :D

who said that i don't have a lover?! D:<
i have it! this laptop is my lover! xD

er... O_O this is not my topic!! Dx
ok2.. cool down...
hm... yea, i have to keep on practicing to make a better pixel art soon!

why does it so important??
because i love it! >:D
now i really feel that it was a part of my life right now. xD
i'm so happy!

uh... gaaaahhh!!! stop babbling around, Mika!!!
you have so much thing to do now!!! hurry up!!! Dx

that's it for today. I'm doomed! bye guys! :D

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