23 May 2010


yesterday is totally a happy day for me! (not that i always happy)... but it's related to my obsession on Pixel Arts!! yey!! as you can see on my blog's sidebar, there's something looks like eggs right? yes. it's a PokePlushies that still in an egg form.

but that's not my topic in here. when i was looking around in the PokePlushie's site, something popped out from my mind. "why don't i try searching for something else? >w<", just like that.

I tried searching for something that can be adopted. i used "Pixel Arts" as the keyword. it sure took me a long time to search cuz Google is so stupid. After that, i tried search it again by using "Adoptable Pixel Arts" as the keyword, and it WORKS!! Yey!! xD

I'm so happy! huhu... er... it's not that so important though. i just love to see the Pixel Arts that had been made by others. they're good. not just like mine... hehe... but, when i look at it, i feel so excited to start working on my unfinished Pixel Arts again!

just like what Kobato always said to herself, "Kobato, Ganbarimasu!!" but for me, it will be, "Mika, Ganbarimasu!!" ne? >w<

Mika, Ganbarimasu!!!

P/S: sorry for the bad English... ^^"

2 Cassies' Talking:

Anonymous said...

Do they really grow and live? I've always wanted one of them...


~Mika Darkness~ said...

some of them, yes. just like my PokePlushies. they'll evolve when they're levelled up. ^^

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