29 May 2010

YAYYY!!!!! I have a new Love!!!! xDDD

hahahaha!! well, they have been known by all of the people out there for a long time now.
but, i will just post it in here since I really have fell in love with them! xDD
you know, DBSK?? yes, DBSK!!! hahahaha!! xDDD

i'm getting crazy about this group when i just heard they sang 'Why Did I Fall In Love With You' just now. This song was in Japanese language and somehow it makes me really love this song~ (=w=)

Hero looks just like Raito from Death Note in this video. haha! xD
I really want to place the video in here.
and, this is it! (=w=)

this song makes me wanna cry... :'D
it's so wonderful... TwT
DBSK makes it more beautiful with their apperance! xD
kyaaaa!!!! now I will get really crazy about them!!
okay, that's all for today's craziness!


2 Cassies' Talking:

Anonymous said...

I KNOW RIGHT?! >:D They're so awesome! Hot, awesome voice, awesome bodies! Altogether! ^-^ :DDDD

I so love them too! >;3


Unknown said...

they're sexyyyy~~!
huhu... love Jaejoong/Hero!! xDD

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