10 March 2011

Curious!!! *YunJae entry~*

hello guys...
yea, it's night. almost midnight.
and i can't stop myself from keep on staying up late in front of my lappy.
i love my lappy~ :P
enough! i'm getting crazy already... >.<
this is about YunJae. antis? pls don't interfere.

I'm Curious! yes, I am!!!
i've been reading Heavenswine's LJ entries.
and i found something that i really want to share it with you guys!
but.... but.... she doesn't let anybody take out the info. i'm stressed out!!! lol. >.<
i just really have the urge to share it to everyone (especially YunJae shippers out there)...
but... maybe... i can just say something about that news. but not all.
just a tiny bit. yep. tiny tiny bit. (maybe)

okay, maybe everybody out there have already knew about this.
you've either heard it by another cassies or read it by yourself in Heavenswine's LJ.
but, still, i wanna share it in here!
this may be a rumor. but, sometimes rumors can make us happy too right?
even if it's a rumor, maybe there's the truth right?
okay, i heard it. someone shouted "get straight to the point already!!"

alright, alright! just wait okay?
erm... well, you know about the DBSK's lawsuit thingy right?
and because of that, JYJ n HoMin (now called as TVXQ but seriously i can't call them by that name) was born.
they're separated *sniffles**sobs* as Junsu, Yoochun n Jaejoong are together as JYJ. Yunho n Changmin as HoMin (=_= i can't call them TVXQ!!! not YET!!!).
and you know that they can't talk about each other so much. i mean, they just can't!
SME is an evil. yea, i know... (i really want to kill those devils! grrr!)

and because of the separation, they said that they didn't even contact each other.
but, well, you know... i have this thought in my mind. and i believe other cassies does too.
i just thought it as a lie. not that i said that they're liars. not a single second i thought them like that!
i just think that, they do this just to ensure each other safety. especially HoMin.
i know, they have to keep on lying but i don't blame them for that.
am i getting out of the actual topic right here??? gaaahhh!!! okay! get back to the actual topic!

alright! you know that there's SMTown Concert in Shanghai 100911 right???
you lied if you don't know it! hmph! *puffing her cheeks*
okay, you can watch the fancam videos on Youtube.
some people said that they saw Yunho's tears when he was on the stage.
i may believe in that, or not. because Yunho himself said that he won't cry no matter what if he was on the stage. but he cried a lot when he came to the backstage. but, maybe he just couldn't hold his tears anymore? who knows.

what am i gonna share with all of you, YunJae shipper, in here is...
what's happening at the backstage.
someone witnessed this. but... it's just a rumor. so, i don't know.
that person saw that Yunho was crying. holding his phone on one hand and other one covering his eyes.
that person heard like Yunho was talking to Jaejoong through the phone.
because Yunho said "Jaejoong-ah" when he was on the phone.
hm... is it real? or just a fanmade story? who knows? right?
i hope it was true anyway... :)
(i can't share anything more that this. sorry guys... huhu...)

hm... it was back then in 2010...
how about now?
do they still contact each other?
do they still see each other?
it's dangerous for them though.
but, who knows...? no one knows the real story.
but, sharing this tiny bit of info with all of you makes my heart relieve a bit. hehe.

ne... YunJae and DBSK5 lovers out there, including me...
never give up on believing in them, okay?
i know, many of you were crying when you heard some infos/rumors about them.
either sweet or bitter it is. same as me.
i just couldn't hold myself from keep on crying when i read anything about them.
sometimes, it makes me feel like, i can't accept the truth anymore.
but, what had happened always happened. we can't run from the truth forever.
so, we will keep on living with the truth whether it's sweet or bitter.
cry as much as you want until your heart contents, but nothing will change.
what he have to do is, be strong! keep on believe in them! never give up!
we must keep on supporting them no matter what happened!
keep on praying for their best. love them equally.

i am seriously sad when their fans was divided into 2 different group.
there's JYJ's fans, n there's HoMin's fans.
where JYJ's fans will hate HoMin, and HoMin's fans will hate JYJ.
WHAT IS THIS???!!!! (gth to the DBSK antis'! i don't need your opinions here! you don't even know or like DBSK in the first place!)
i just couldn't help myself from crying just because of your words to our beloved boys.
why do you have to be so cruel to them? they're suffering too.
i know! i know that they're suffering too!
i can't read someone's heart or mind. but i could feel something.
Jaejoong may look so cool in his pictures now. he looks really mature. i admit that. i like it too. but... there's something different right? something different about him, Junsu, n even Yoochun. i couldn't see their happiness shone in their eyes. those shines are not the same as before. the same goes for Changmin n Yunho. i don't know, but that's what i thought of.

but, whatever it is, we can't give up! we must keep on moving with them!
we must keep on believe in them.
Hope till the end! ever heard it before? have saw it before? search for it!
omg. i can't believe that my mood was down a bit when writing this.
i cried a lot these days. yea, i'm crying right now. i miss them!!! dammiT! T^T
hmm... this is a long entry right? must be loads of grammar mistakes. uh... sorry if there is.
sorry if this is kinda annoying to you. but, this entry is about them, n how i feel right now.
but, whatever it is, just don't give up. keep on smiling, Cassies!
we must be strong like our boys! yea! be strong! :)
i guess, that's all for today... thanks for reading this entry.


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