25 March 2011

My Wish Came True. but...

hello guys... how do you do?
i'm fine maybe.
my head hurt so much due to lack of sleep. =_=
and when i tried to get some more sleep just now, my mom keep on nagging to me and keep on waking me up it makes my head hurt more and more. grrr.

hm... remember my wish on yesterday's post?
if you've read it, then you knew it.
i wish i can dream about DBSK right?
you can find it on my post at the last paragraph.

it came true. seriously!
i had a dream about them!
but... it wasn't what i wished for.
i don't want to ask you to believe me but...
almost all of my dreams, came true.
but i hope that this one will never came true!!!
i dreamed on something bad!!!
something bad will happen!
but... i don't know.
i don't know when it will happen.
but... it makes me worried about them.
omg. please!!!
i'm so scared!!!

this kind of thing always occurred on me.
what they call it?
Déjà vu?
sometimes, it makes me happy.
and sometimes, it makes me worried.
but someone said that, when you dreamed about something bad,
something opposite of that will happened.
if it's true, i wonder what will happen to them.
just wait and see.
maybe there's a good news?

i don't know...
people said that dream always be a dream,
whether it's bad or good.
but for me, even if i don't want to believe it,
it always came true.
i don't know. maybe it's just my feelings.
yea, maybe.

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