30 March 2011

Love JYJ, But Hate HoMin.

oh no.. wait... wait!!!!
*everyone throwing rubbish to her*
*runs while protecting herself from the rubbish*
*everyone stopped but still glaring on her*
i didn't even start the story yet! pls hear me first la! haish!

i'm not saying that i love JYJ but hate HoMin!
I love them both!
i'm talking about some JYJ fans that hate HoMin in here!
haish... *sit at her place back*

i'm kinda disappointed with some JYJ fans out there.
especially with a JYJ's fansite that i've followed on twitter.
for the first time i knew about this fansite, i love it.
because it's a JYJ's fansite. i can get their latest news easily.
but then, when i read their other posts about HoMin, i became so upset with their words towards our boys.
and now, i've stop following them.
i know, it won't give any effect to them. but it makes me feel relief. ^__^
there's other JYJ's fansite that still love HoMin. so, i don't have to worry~

i'm supporting both of them.
i will keep on believe in them.
i will keep on waiting for them.
I will Always Keep The Faith Just For Them!

Hope To The End!

p/s: hey, pay me back for what you have done to me! *puff her cheek*

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