17 March 2011

Micky Yoochun and His English!

hello guys...
it's gonna be a random post right now. haha!
but still, it's about DBSK~

nowadays, i've been so addicted to JYJ's songs. >.<
moreover, Mission n Empty.
omo. it's so addictive to me! o.o
i can't stop hearing to it if it's started to play.
but... the song Nine... i love it but...
well.... you know, i'll cry even when i heard the intro. >_<

if you have heard Mission n Empty, which voice that seriously caught your ears? *wink wink*
as for me...., it's Yoochun!
O___O he's cute ne?
in any videos or pictures, the cute side of him is DAMN, TOO CUTE!
no wonder he really likes to hang out with Junsu.
ahaha! the Perfect YooSu~

okay, i'm talking about the songs.
Mission n Empty (seriously, what is the meaning behind this title? ._.).
if you have heard it,
omg... seriously...
the sexiest voice in the songs was from Yoochun.
omo. he's English is hot! XD
ahaha! lol...
you better hear to those two songs
(for those who never heard it before... if there is. i bet, there's none)

Yoochun+English=Hot! Sexy!

*omg... YooSu is still there, but.... YunJae...? T____T*

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