23 March 2011

I Bought It!!! XD

hello guys. sorry for the long absence once again!

recently... i don't know what to say about YunJae or DBSK.
just... yea, i bought a magazine My Idol Plus 35th edition Korean Series.
i bought it in Pekan Baru. but... omg...
i'm so impressed with myself actually (LOL), how can in a place that full with people and kind of busy at that time, i can simply spots the magazine where Yunho's face was in front of it from afar?! then i was like, "kyaaa!!! YUNHO!!!" i screamed in my heart at that time. lol.
and of course, i bought it~~~ yey!!! kyaa!!!
i know... it's kinda old story for most of the fans but... better late than never right??? D:

*the magazine cover*

it's full with SM Town Live 2010 moments.
In Seoul, LA, Shanghai... and... Tokyo...
and i was so happy because there's so many posters included in there and also a CD! :D
i miss the old times... where DBSK were all together on the stage... 
guuuhhh.... i really want to cry each time i turn the page from one to another...
i don't know why, but all that i see in this page is HoMin.
even though there's other groups too. >__<
and i don't know why... i saw BoA as Lady Gaga in here. her styles... i mean, the outfit she wears...erm....no comment. -___-

hm.... when can i see YunJae moments once more??
i miss them...

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