31 March 2011

Please Take Me Away?

i don't want to live in this house anymore.
i've became a victim in this place since i was a kid.
i hate this.
i feel like crying. but i can't.
i am worried.
i don't know what that monster will do to my mom if i wasn't here anymore.

mom, i'm sorry. i know that you're sad. but i'm not a nice daughter that can comfort your heart. i'm getting worried about so many things. including you. you deserves someone that much more better than that monster! why do you have to face this??? i can't stand it anymore! it's no use to have a father that consider himself as someone that was so 'ALIM' but actually a cruel human who never try to care about his daughter and wife feelings! it's not money that we want! we want your gentleness towards us! please treat us like your family! not slaves!

now, how can i leave my mom like this??? i have to continue my study no matter what, but how??? how am i gonna continue if my mom continuously being treated as a slave in this house by her own husband??? please help me.
please help us facing this obstacle in this life. what should i do??? maybe i'm the one who will die first before them. i'm not that strong to face all of this.

what am i supposed to do???

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