25 March 2011

I've Changed?

some of my friends said that,
"hey, you've changed aren't you?"
is not that they said that My appearance have changed or what.
but... My attitude maybe??? who knows. I don't know either.
THEY said that I've become ARROGANT???
owh, seriously??? am I???
owh c'mon! who start it first?
ME or YOU???
I'm not someone who likes to argue about things.
so, the simple way is to run away or just ignore someone that bring ME tons of problems!
that's me NOW! I'm not the OLD me!

who am I wanna be, is up to ME.
it's not YOU who gonna control MY life!
Accept ME as who I am, or just leave ME alone!
I'm a COLD HEARTED person???
yea, I AM!


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