29 March 2011

Now... I'm Holding Back My Tears...

i seriously don't know what to say...
will i have the chance to see them even for once?
will the day where i can see them all 5 in front of my eyes come?
i really hope so that there's a chance for me to see them.
but what can i do? i really am hoping so that i can meet them.
even if it means that i have to go there alone.
i don't care! my family wants to stop me?!
stop me if they can! i don't care anymore if there's a chance for me to meet them!
i feel really glad if i can live there forever! even if i'm alone!
i want to meet them... i want to talk to them...
please fulfill my wishes!!!
i envied other fans that can meet them even though they're younger than me!
i hate to have a family that always wanna control their daughter even though she's already an adult!!!
WTF!!! i hate this really!
if i have a chance to go to another country especially Korea or Japan,
i will definitely go there even if it means i have to go there alone!
i don't care!!!
i wanna meet my beloved DBSK5 boys!!!
i miss them, dammit!
i love them!
i don't even have the courage to see their sad face!
i don't want to see that at all!
i wish, they're happy always!
i wish they'll be together again!!!
i feel like... i'm the only fan that can't meet them face to face.
i really want to talk with them like other fans can.
i really want to meet them like other fans can.
why am i so unfortunate???

i can only hold my tears back...

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