07 March 2011

it's not TVXQ! It's TVXCrew!!! :D

haha! don't get annoyed so easily with the title.
read what am i gonna say first.

of course, TVXQ is still TVXQ lol.
i'm talking about TVXCrew, a dancing group (or cosplayer? o.o) from Philippines. :D

i recently knew about them, yea, from Heavenswine. she's in the group i guess.
actually, their group name is XCrew. but it changes when they're performing TVXQ... i mean, HoMin's songs. (sorry. still can't bring myself to call HoMin, TVXQ. sorry, HoMin)

they're so cool! i've watched several videos of them on Youtube.
they also performing Super Junior's songs. i mean, the dance. ^^
you can find the videos on Heavenswine's Youtube channel; Heavenswine5.
good luck on finding them. haha!

i guess, that's all for now.

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