02 March 2011

What I Feel About Them...

okay guys. before everyone keeps on throwing me bottles, rotten eggs and pile of shits, better hear me first.

i'm holding my tears for so long. i lied to myself a lot. lots of lies! i try to help myself by stop watching or hear anything about them. i said that i will keep my faith. yes. i did. but not in the way of hearing their news. i just keep on praying for them so that this 'hell' will end soon. so that they will be together again... so that i could see those happiness shone in their eyes once again. then, i run away from the fact of today and i stay at the back.

but then, i realize how hard it is. i love them like they're my best friend even though they don't even know me. I hate it when they were separated from each other. i cried a lot. i read so many news about them. but i try to run from it. it hurts. i can't stop my tears from falling. then, i started to calm myself down by watching and move a little to Super Junior. but, Heechul is so silly and he makes me remember about DBSK once more. i feel like i want to hit my head on the wall at that time. (i didn't hate them okay)

and now, you must be asking "what is the point of you writing this?". i just want to share with you about my feeling. that's all. maybe some of you will said that i'm not a true fan, and so all of bad words thrown to me right now. who said that i didn't support them? i did. i will always pray so that they will be together again, so that they will stay happy everyday, so that they will be healthy, and so that they will always be strong. that's how i show my supports.

i think, it's rather great than to say something like;
"why?! why don't HoMin (sorry. i can't call them DBSK yet) follow JYJ??? why must they stay with SME??? WHY??? owww! i HAte them!!! poor JYJ... i love them always..."
"huh? what??? are you serious??? HoMin is bad. they didn't follow JYJ! they stands for SME! not FAIR!"
*sigh* hm... hey, i didn't make this up. some of the DBSK fans turned out to be just like that. there's even ANTIs who poisoned Yunho. wtf?! what?! you thought that only JYJ is hurts due to what happened?? even HoMin also hurts a lot! don't stop loving them. they are still DBSK in their heart and mind even though they're separated. i know and i wanted to believe in that.

someone may say that i am crazy. stupid. and everything else! but, who cares?! this is who I AM. i wrote something that comes into my mind. i wrote something that i thought about for a long time now.
i didn't wrote on something if there's nothing to be written down.
am i sounds really wrong here? am i was about to make myself feel embarrassed? i'm sorry. but that's what i heard from others.

and next, i will post something about YunJae. maybe some of you already knew about it. but it makes me happy and i want to post it in my blog~ so, wait just a minute okay? hehe... jaa~ ^^


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