27 March 2011

Message For YunJae Fans! From Jae's Sis...

hello guys, and girls.
yea, especially girls. or fangirls? :P
when you came into my blog,
than you could see that i'm supporting....
i love them!!! (o>∀<)o~♥

and... recently, there's some bad news around us.
not YunJae who brings it. but the fans.
the insane fans. (-_-)
as you know, it's about Jaejoong who will get sad if the fans keep on shouting 'Yunho' or 'YunJae' to him. o_0
i don't think so...
but for more information regarding this matter,
you can easily go here.
it's HeavensWine's reports again~ :3

what i want to show here is...
A message from Jae's sis. :)
"Please always keep your YunJae love. YunJae are really thankful to you"
picture credits: YunJaeTik.com

in this case, i was thinking...
why does 'Yunho' or 'YunJae' will make Jae feel uncomfortable?
while his sister is a YunJae lover too? o_0
(I love you, unnie~ XD)
who makes the story???
okay, just read HeavensWine's reports already. >.<

please let this nightmare ends already!!!

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