02 March 2011

Fortune Teller said about Yunjae

okay~! here comes YunJae-ness! XD
just GTH out of here if you're not into YunJae. you've been warned!

It is already twice time I read about YunJae fortune telling.
first :
Ok, so I went to this fortune teller since I was curious. I showed
her a picture of Yunho and here’s what she said. *My friend
was there to take down notes just in case ^^* (note that this fortune teller is different from the one my friend went to)

Me: Hi, can you tell me about him? *shows pic of Yunho*
FT: *looks* what’s his name?
Me: Yunho, He’s korean.
FT: well he certainly is handsome *laughs* But I can tell you that
he’s been through a lot of stress recently. The features on his face tells me that in his life, there will be many bumpy roads. Especially in love.
Me: Really?
FT: Yes. If I’m not mistaken, He is gay right?
Me: Gay?
FT: Yes gay. I can see that he is in love…but with someone he’s not supposed to be. My guess, a beautiful man.
Me: *speechless* Yes!!! There is a man he likes to hang around with all the time! He is in love
with him?
FT: Yes, but also he is in pain. It seems like, this man cannot be
with the one he loves because of separation.
Me: Can you describe the man?
FT:…Hmmm, he has very beautiful eyes….and a strong personality. That’s all I can get right now.
Me: Will they ever be together again even though they are
FT: The path for love is going to be bumpy for them but they’ll make it. It all depends on what road they choose to be happy. I
have to say, this is the first time I have ever gotten such a strong
feeling about my fortunes.
Me: *hype* Is there anything else about them?
FT: For now, no. But I have a VERY strong feeling they are still
loving each other deeply. They are fated together.
Me: OMG…Seriously?
FT: Yes. Just a matter of time before fate brings them back
together again.
Me: *smiles like an idiot* THANK YOU MADAME! *drags my friend along out the door, both squealing in glee.*
LOL, that was my story. I am just so hype that the fortune teller said the exact same thing as the other one. Now Let’s just hope what she said is going to come

Yay! So many comments! LOL, my friend, she went to a fortune teller in NYC and she asked the fortune teller were Jaejoong and Yunho meant for each other.
Fortune teller: They are fated togetherEven though their paths will be a bit shaky, their love will find a way.
Friend: OMG, but they are both guys. Won’t it be weird?
Fortune teller: Yes but, this one *points to pic of JJ* has a feminine side. These two are fated with each other so don’t worry.
Friend:….*mouth gaps open* Are you sure?
Fortune teller: My fortunes are 99.9% right all the time. Why would I lie?
Friend: Thank you! *squeals in glee*
(This fortune came from the same woman who predicted the earthquake when I was about to go to china and warned me not to go. I truly believe that she is telling the truth!)
LOL! I was so happy after reading that I’m just so hype! I’m going to do that too!
P.S. I have noticed that I have MANY mistakes in my writing so from now on, I WILL PROOF READ! XD && this year, YunJae is BOOMING! So many new rumors and 90% of them are true :3
and the new one…
about a girl ask her teacher(also a fortune teller) about YUNJAE~
My teacher said, at YunJae birthday, they felt lonely…
They felt, there’s no somebody could make ‘em happy.
and, he said
“I Know they’re really being seperated and, sorry Sarah
I Couldn’t predictions when this ‘hell’ be ended.
But, i feel so speechless to this couple coz they keep their love..
no matter what happen and no matter how many disaster against ‘em.
Yunho, he still can handle this feeling though it was really, really,
and really hurt..
But, Jaejoong the ‘girl’, can’t handle this feelings..
He’s smile outside but cries a lot inside even,
his family or his friends dunno the truth..
The truth..that he only need one person, one man and it’s Yunho..
he told the lies that he already forgotten jae for the simple one,
Yunho did White Lies for Jae..
If i’m not get mistaken, it was company’s problem rite?
The company told Yunho that they’ll make Jae suffering if he
(Yunho) keeps dun want said that he still ‘love’ Jae.
So, Yunho did that..
Lemme tell u,
Jae, wanna kill him self before..
u said, at his birthday party, he goes drunk with his friends rite?
exactly.. *my teacher hold jae’s pict*
he wants get drunk until he die but,
some his friends stop it only that i knew..
Yunho, he gets depressed a lot..
feel how stupid he is and feel how can he said that things to his beloved Jae..
*My teacher touched my shoulder*
If u love them, believe them, dun give up.
.Like i said before,
they will comeback someday don’t be too upset, Sarah..
Be patient for ‘em..
Coz, they’re love each other
and they feelings to each otha is really deep more than i realize..”

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*realize how romantic was the picture? i love it!*

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