14 March 2011

I Miss You, dammit! ;A;

i really wanna cry right now.
is there anybody want to comfort me?
is there anybody want to accompany me?
i really need someone by my side right now.

everyday, i woke up from my sleep,
i wish there's a good news for me
but, there's none
i always hope for miracles to happen
but, it's nothing but just a dream.

*sigh* i can just keep on sighing non-stop...
i will keep on waiting and waiting and waiting
until i don't know when.
but i definitely will try not to get tired of waiting
i will keep on waiting even though it means forever.
i will always keep the faith.

now you know what am i talking about ne?
yea... DBSK5, again, again, n again.
pls don't get tired of me.
because this is just me. i'm so sad right now.
*sigh* i wish i could see more DBSK5 moments now.
and there's something interesting on HeavensWine's (HW) LJ that i just read.
but once again, the post was protected. it can't be shared out by other people.
i don't know why does it protected... *sigh*
i love her for being a greatest YunJae shipper ever! >_<

hm... YunJae... i miss their sweet moments.
they're real! i believe that forever!
no one will be able to deny that!
there's so many evidence about their relationship!
can i say that as a coincidence???
no... i don't have the strength to say that it was just a coincidence.
their relationship... owh! so wonderful!!! i wanna cry!!!
why does it end up like this???
i mean, why DBSK5 have to be separated?!
i want them to be together forever!

but, i don't have to worry that much
because i believe in them.
i will keep on believe in them.
they will come back to us.
they will be in a group again one day!
i believe!

this video makes me wanna cry.
the song was so wonderful even though it's a Chinese song.

p/s: YunJae shipper? do you notice something different about JJ?
just compare him when there's Yunho by his side,
with the current situation where there's no Yunho.
it's for fun! seriously! :)
and kinda related to one of above topics.
if you can figure it out, than, good for you. hehe...
don't get me wrong okay?
i'm not saying that i'm happy when they're separated! geez! =_=

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