27 March 2011

SiChul Sweet Couple~~!! (/°∀°)/

Here comes!!! More picture spamming~~!!! XD
now it's time for SiChul~~
what is SiChul??? it's Siwon n Heechul~ hiks! >w<

Heechul seriously love to make 'peace' sign. :P
and he's pretty too.
i'm getting jealous over him. :\
Should i say that above pictures are the backstage pictures?

okay, now... another cute pictures of them!!! XD
in front of the camera~

omo!!! kawaii~~~ XD
look how close is Siwon and Heechul~
i wonder what does Heechul's hair smell. :P
and they're on the bed too... haha! lol

yep... Siwon. protect your hyung. :P

cutey~~~ XD

i don't know but... should i say that Heechul is a 'GIRL'??? D:
even though he's hiding his face but, you still can tell how pretty is he!
Siwon must be really love to see his hyung's face! XD

Heechul should wear a skirt in this picture. haha! lol.
Cinderella and his Prince~ :3

i bet, if both of them walking on the street with above kind of appearance,
where people doesn't know about them so much,
some people may say, "aww~ look, he's girlfriend is so cute~~~"

aaahh~~ kawaii ne... :3

hehe. Siwon, you seriously enjoying this huh? >w<
and Heechul too~

i seriously love this pairing!
even though they are just doing some fanservice,
or just showing their brotherly love,
but it's still cute!
well, who doesn't love this pairing anyway???

picture credits: Google, and their respective owners. :3

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