08 March 2011

TUTORIAL: How to Center Your Blog Title n Description.

hello guys... good evening.
yea, recently, i've been so active on blogger if anyone noticed that. hehe.
i just can't leave it even though i'm sick right now. having a flu n fever. (=_=|||)
i'm feeling the worse right now but i just can't leave my computer. haha. lol

okay, i bet, everybody already knew about this right?
but, i just want share it with you guys anyway.
there must be someone out there that didn't know about this yet.
actually, i just figured about this out when i'm trying to put my blog description on center of the header this morning.
.click the picture for full view.
i've been trying so many things to make it center before this but it didn't turned out so well.
(okay i guess, my english is getting bad and i don't know what am i exactly saying right now. my head hurts. x_x)

get straight to the point!!!
for whoever that use a template like mine and don't know how to center your Blog title n description but want to center it, here is the way!

search for the code below:
.header-inner .Header .titlewrapper,
.header-inner .Header .descriptionwrapper {
  padding-left: 0;
  padding-right: 0;

to make it center?:
.header-inner .Header .titlewrapper {
  padding-left: 270px;
  padding-right: auto;
.header-inner .Header .descriptionwrapper {
  padding-left: 285px;
  padding-right: auto;

just copy and edit it by yourself okay?
you can change the padding value by yourself depending on how you want your blog title n description to be placed at. okay?
my head is getting dizzy when i'm writing this. @_@
good luck guys!

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