28 March 2011

Seriously, I'm On The YunJae Side!!!

yea!!! Now I'm getting mad!!!
really mad!!! and of course, with the JYJ fans who kicks away HoMin. =_=

yea, what HeavensWine said is true!
and i have read it by my own self and soon i was like, "WTF?!"
okay, as i said, i don't think that Jaejoong will feel uncomfortable when the fans shouted 'Yunho' or 'YunJae' at him!
maybe some of it will make he feels uncomfortable like showing the photoshopped pictures of YunJae, and other NC17 pictures.... gah! you know what i mean!
some of them chant something about YunJae but not in a proper manner.
it's bad.

but, by shouting Yunho's name or YunJae, i don't think that Jaejoong will feel uncomfortable!
just like i said before, even Jae's sister supports YunJae, so, why should this thing be so sensitive for him???
why should Jae's sister support something that will make her brother feel upset or uncomfortable???
geez! think before you said something!

and regarding what Shane Yoon said,
"Sorry, they didn’t mention them at all to me.  To my understanding the whole situation was a little sensitive to them, so I didn’t bother bringing it up.  It seems like an unfortunate thing and I hope there is some resolve, at least for the sake of their friendships"...

it means, if he was asking something like, "hey, how are Yunho and Changmin right now?" or, "How was your relationship?" or any-questions-that-required-an-answer regarding them, it will definitely makes Jaejoong feels uncomfortable right???
but, chants are just the way to show that we still support them.
and we still believe in them no matter what happened.
we don't need any answers for the chantings.
we just show our supports.
gah! i'm getting confused over here!
but, i hope that you'll understand this. >__<

and... some pictures shows that Yunho and Jaejoong have the same things like necklace, brooch, shoes, and even shirt and jacket!
what do you think of that???
they still meet each other secretly?
i was hoping they are.
if i use my YunJae mind in here, i would say, "omg! they still meet each other!!! and even exchange their things with each other!!!" like that.
but... if i use my logical-like-minded, "it wasn't that they meet each other or exchanged their things with each other, but it was just gifts from fans. and some stuffs are just been stored by the costume designer or whatsoever it is!"
but i was hoping that they still meet each other even it means, 'secretly'.
i don't know what am i talking about.

i will seriously keep on believing in YunJae and DBSK no matter what.
JYJ n HoMin are still DBSK in my heart.
why must we hate one of them but love another while when they're still DBSK5, we love them all???
what the heck is happening to the fans???
i don't understand this at all.
thanks to someone that support what i've comment on Youtube.
i won't cry if it wasn't because i miss DBSK so much.
but i won't blame HoMin or JYJ for what had happened.
because, something that happens have their own meanings.
maybe God wanted to give them something that much more greater than what they have right now and before this?
who knows?

Let's Keep The Faith

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