07 March 2011

Since when???

A Person= P

Me= M

P= okay, good evening Mika-san.
M= good evening mister Person. :P
P= i just passing by your blog, and i really want to ask you a question.
M= go on.
P= since when did you changed from violent boyish girl look to a girly girl look? *points to the blog*
M= LOL! since when??? okay. hm...it's since i can't hold myself of loving TVXQ so much? hehe... mostly YunJae~~~ *squeal*
P= owh, okay... that's all i want to ask you.
M= leaving already??? don't wanna share some YunJae with me~? *wink wink*
P= er.... no thanks... i better go now. bye! *runs off the scene*
M= hey! wait!

lol... hehe. YunJae~! XD *giggling and smiling like a retard*

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