10 March 2011

Plaid scarves n shirts, Boots, n Neon colors!

hello guys!!!
i am back again!!! lol... XD
right now, i wanna share with you some of my new favorites~
yep. it's Plaid scarves, Boots n Neon colors! ^^

now, i've started to really love those things.
it's not a wrong thing to have your favorite things right?
it's not that when you liked something, it will drained up your money right?
some stupid people said that, "just save your dreams. you don't even have money"
oh hello~~~ i know that i don't have so much money as you!
but it's not a sin to like something now and save your money to buy it later!
stupid ne... haish. wanna act like she knows everything. but actually a dumbass!

okay, enough with all of the talks.
it's been awhile now since i saw this picture on a friend's blog.
it's a visual kei band, xTRIPx.
i don't know about them so much but the scarves!!!
omg!!! i really love the way they wear it! :D
and the scarves itself were so cool!
this picture make me go like, "oh! i have to buy the scarves!!!"
and i also love plaid shirts! it's cool!
yep. this one~ hehe... almost (actually) the same as one plaid shirt that i have!
and Ruki from The Gazette wear it~ haha! XD
i can't stop act silly am i? huhu... i am silly. :P
i really loooovee plaids! :3

hm... how about boots???
haha! there's so many kinds of boots ya know.
but i love visual kei kind of boots. :3
you know a shop called I-Socks? it's in Berjaya Times Square.
and i've surveyed all of their shops in there.
and i look at the boots... ~~~I LOVE IT!!! XD
ne... cool isn't it??? kyaaa!!! i want it!!! XD
can you see the one at the edge of the picture?
there. the plaid one. see? :D
that's the one that i want to buy! cool! plaids!!!
but... it's so expensive. i don't have any money. huhu...
just wait a lil longer i guess. until i have some money to spent on that boot. *smirk*

neon colors? i never liked bright colors before.
all that i like is white, grey, gold, pink, red, n black.
all those colors compliment to each other in plenty of unique way.
but neon colors kinda cool too, ne? it brings happy-go-lucky mood. :D
like the picture below~
nee... it's SUG! XD
i kinda love the way they dressed!
the accessories, and those colors!
omg! they change my view on those bright colors! :D
i really love those colors more now!
omo. what is happening to me? lol.
i hope that i won't turned out to be a Decora kid.
but, what if i do? hehe... it's not that bad... XP

okay, i guess, that's all for now. >w<
thanks for reading anyway!
jaa ne!!!

p/s: you better hear to DBSK's song, Insa. seriously!
it's a wonderful song. and keep on reminds me of my school days... my classmates...
lol. don't ask me why. but that's what i thought of when i heard this song.
not just that, it's also reminds me of my... er... ehm... better not say it.

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