07 March 2011

YunJae Once AGAIN!!!!


yey!!!! it's 2:07a.m. right now! and i'm crying so much in the middle of this cold night! ;__;
accompanied by evanescence's song, 'Like You', it makes the mood more sad. *cries*
there's so many news about them. Sad one, as same as the happy one. T^T
i can't help myself but to cry so much and always in the middle of night!
but... okay. get to the point pls~!

okay!!! i just know about this when i was reading one of Heavenswine LiveJournal's entry.
one of the readers gave out the link in their comments.
it's about Yunho stroking Jae's picture when he was about to sign a pic of DBSK5. o.o
credit to JEAN♥ from AsianFanatic.net... ^^
read below for the whole story~

“My sister went to Korea and she send me some SMSes. She told me that she went to Junsu’s pizza shop, Yoochun’s Timeout Gelato and also their cosmetics stores but she did not manage to see the 3 of them. I was disappointed after hearing what she had told me, so I asked her: “Why can’t you tell me something relating to YunJae?”. Then she told me that on 11th Feb, she went to Music Bank recording which Yunho & Changmin are on. She finally saw them and told me that the boys were very handsome. At this point, I was frustrated and told her: “Please go straight to the point!!!”

Then she said that she took out a TVXQ(5ive)’s photobook for Yunho to sign so he took it and flip through it. and the last sentence she told me totally makes me jumped up!! She said that YUNHO STROKED JAEJOONG’S PHOTO!!!!!! Then my brain immediately disconnected and I quickly asked her: “Where did he stroked???? Face?” She replied: “Yes!!!!” And I said: “You sure that you really saw it? Please don’t lie to me, else you will be dead.” She replied: “That’s definitely true and I was even wearing my glasses on!!!!!” I was so excited at that time and I asked her again: “Who else did he touched?” She replied: “He simply touched his photo too and signed for me at the back of the book with his name on.”
 this is the picture that her sister asked Yunho n Changmin to sign:Posted Image

*inhale* *exhale* okay... have to calm myself down for a sec. will brb!
*after 5 mins*
i guess, i've calmed down a bit. am i??? >.<
when i read the whole story, somehow, when she said that Yunho stroked Jae's picture, it gave me a lonely feeling. it somehow sound so sad.
i don't know. but it really does to me. poor Yunho. he must be really miss Jaejoong a lot. T^T
i know, both of them are suffering. cassies too. but we won't give up.
so many things i knew about YunJae this night. only for this night, there's tons of it! phew!
some of them makes me cry. some of them makes me laugh n smile like a retard. >_<"
who cares anyway? i miss them! i couldn't even bare to hear Jae's song, 'Nine'. i will cry. i'm sorry. but everything about them makes me cry. i couldn't help it.

maybe some of you already know about this. but, better late than never. right?
i guess, that's all for today. 

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