24 March 2011

Shou-san~ he's pretty isn't it??? *__*

okay guys... i know, i've stop being a J-rockers lover for some times but now....
I'm addicted to SHOU-san from A9! XD
i just can't stop looking at him! lol.
i even dreamed about him a long time ago (hope that it will come true).
i don't know what to say but...
yea, Shou's cute n pretty. *-*
Now... I just have a feeling to spam this entry with his pictures! lol!

his big eyes. should i say... he's cute? XD
omo... he looks like a girl in here. o.o

omg!!! someone! please tell me that this is just a drawing!
how can he look so gorgeous??!!! O__O
he's a guy! but... he's so pretty~~ >.<
and i'm jealous. :\
Shou+white=pure angel!omg! >w<

okay! i have to stop this before something bad happen!
i don't want to pay your medical bills...
sore jaa~!

p/s: i wish that A9 members are alright right now.
keep healthy, guys!
Peace, n Smile!

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