10 March 2011

YunJae Moments!!! XD

hello guys~! morning~
okay, i think i can... erm...accept their songs more casually i guess.
but, my heart hurts, yes, it still hurts. but i will fight it. ganbarimasu! :)
well, you see, i am someone that was like, if i have to choose one of two things, like take one and leave another, even though it's something that i really love, i will not choose any of them n just let them go. even though it hurts a lot, but, yea, that will be the best.
but i won't do that to our boys, JYJ n HoMin. i love them both equally.
but if i have to choose, i will do just like what i said before. don't blame me.

alright! enough with the stressful talking!!!
now, i know it's kinda old but, who cares anyway?
everyone looooves YunJae~ i mean for the YunJae lover. okay?
okay, it's about a private call from Yunho to Jaejoong~

ahaks! now what?? lol! i was so in love with those two~
Junsu with his 'eu kyang kyang'~ haha! dolphin laughs! XD
and thanks to Heechul for letting us know that Jaejoong save Yunho's name as "My Yunho".
kyaaa!!! *fangirl squeals* but, shouldn't it be... "My Lovely Yunho"? ahaks! XD
but... if you could hear at the end of the video, seriously, you have to hear it carefully!
Heechul said something like 'couple'??? omo! am i heard it wrong??? maybe he's saying something like, "oh, you're seriously look like real couple" or something to Jaejoong? who knows??? XD
or maybe i just heard things? ahahaha!
let me stay in my fantasy world for a while~ hiks!

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