16 March 2011

東方神起 ft. JYJ & Homin - Why (Empty) Mash Up HQ/HD

hye guys... how's your day?
i have only one day left to stay in Malaysia before i have to go to Indonesia for about 4 days.
i'm tired. i really don't want to go if it possible.
but... yea. what can i do???
forget about it!

i just knew about this video, n yea, HeavensWine really did a very good job when it comes to DBSK n of course, YunJae!
enough said! just watch the video la...

seriously. she put so much afford for making this only for DBSK fans!
glad that there's someone like her in this world! >___<*
*hold on. i'm Bueano-ing*
but... i admit that it's kinda sad to watch this video.
i miss DBSK5 so much. :'(
this video makes it looks like they're in a group once again.
but... yea, the truth is... they wasn't. -___-

and if you watch HoMin's Keep Your Head Down mv,
look at their fingers when they're doing:
Three fingers up ~> Throws ~> Come back with Two fingers up
i got this info also from HeavensWine.
what do you think about the sign?
someone said that it means 'WHY' in sign language.
but... i do feel something about this not just as a sign.
and it makes me feel so bad n sad. :(
it's something like, 3=JYJ n 2=HoMin
JYJ~>throws~>now, HoMin.
*slapping herself*
but i couldn't help myself for thinking just like that.

...forgive me...
m(_ _)m

but i know, it's not necessarily means like that.
maybe it was just... erm... coincidence???
*it's not convincing you know*
yah!!! who knows!
go and ask HoMin privately!
or... those devils, SMENT!

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