30 March 2011

Should I MOVE?

i was thinking about this recently...
yea, i have so many things to figure out right now.
being busy as a fan too. (ridiculous??? for me it's not)
yea, I AM BUSY!
laugh if you want to. i wanna laugh too. but i can't.
something stops me from being happy. too many things.

enough talk.
i was thinking about MOVING from Blogger to LiveJournal.
but i don't know when.
i have 2 blogs and i feel like i have to choose just one of them.
but i know that if i move, i won't be having so many friends like i did right now.
but... i find it easy to find more informations regarding DBSK/YunJae in LJ.
but... both are important to me.
i don't know what to choose.
maybe... i have to use both?
i don't know. it's my fault too.
but i won't regret it.
and why does this entry sounds serious???
maybe I AM SERIOUS at this time.

i should figure this out by myself...
or should i ask you, your opinions?

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