13 March 2011

JYJ on 8 E-News, 8TV!!!

okay okay wait... *inhale......* *exhale......* *inhaaaale* *eeexxxhaaaalllleeee*
OMG!!!! ne ne!!! Malaysian JYJ's lover!!!
you seriously have to watch 8 E-news on 8TV from today onwards!!!
JYJ will be on there i don't know when!!! omg!!! me too!
because of that, i will watch 8 E-News starting tomorrow!!!
even though i don't understand chinese, but... i will watch it! XDD
i can't wait to see them!
but wait! what if.... it's only a repeated ads? i hope it wasn't!
i want to see them on the TV!!! kyaaaa!!! JYJ!!! XD

I love you JYJ.
but, how i still hope for three of you to be in a group with HoMin soon.
like the old times. ;___;
i wish i could go to your concert in Malaysia...
30th April ne?
only God knows how hurt am i right now... T_T
instead of being excited because they will be on the TV n will come here soon,
my heart hurt so much when i watch DBSK's old videos...
YunJae moments...
YooSu moments are always on the air anyway. >.<
Changmin fooling around with his hyungs...
Junsu get bullied by his members.
and other moments...
but now... *sigh*
but, reality is a reality!
i can't do anything but to accept it wholeheartedly! (i still can't but a bit. ;_;)
enough for now i guess...
jaa ne!

omg. i miss them so much!
*goes to watch DBSK's videos on Youtube*

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