28 March 2011


okay!!! i just remembered about something!!! (O^O)

today, i've gone to Shah Alam with my cousin, uncles, and my mom.
there's a wedding ceremony at the Intekma Resort.
omgosh! i love that place! so pretty!
but... damn! so HOT! DX
argh! just forget about that!

what i'm gonna tell you guys in here is...
argh! i think that i'm getting crazy!
on the way home, when we were at Bangsar or... somewhere near there...er... i don't know!
there's a big ads board at the side of the road. a really BIG one. lol
i don't know why... but... it really shocks me!
i was like, "OMFGcrazyhell!" lol.
and, "is that... JAEJOONG????!!!!"
the model! the model really looks like JAEJOONG!!!! OMFG!
seriously! O___O

but... i was hoping it wasn't him.
or... i will ask someone to put it down and just give it to me that damn advertisement board! lol! XD
omg... seriously... it's not Jaejoong right???
but...if it was him, then, i'm proud of my country! aha! XD
even though i actually hate my country... (-_-)

okay, that's all for today's craziness!

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