04 March 2011

I Wish...Tomorrow Will Be a Greater Day

hello guys... do you have a very nice week?
for me, i'm not. haha. let it be. i don't care.

all i do is crying in front of my laptop day and night. even if my eyes didn't have any tears falling down, but only God knows how hurt am i in my heart.
i cried silently in my heart. it's hurt when you can't let the tears fall to ease your sadness.
today, right now, even though the sky has turn bright with the sun shone it's ray, but anything seems so sad. lonely. hurt. gloomy.
how i hope for this nightmare will end soon. how i hope i can let go all of my regrets. how i wish tomorrow turn out to be a happy day for me. how i wish i could change someone's life. but all i can do is keep on wishing things not knowing whether it will come true or will remain as a dream forever.
but i will keep on believe that everything that happens has it own meaning. maybe after this, something great, and much greater than before happens...who knows? only God knows. so, what will i do is keep on praying so that everything will turn out to be greater than ever.

i will keep on believing and keep on waiting. i will never change my thoughts. never.

i will always keep the faith...

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